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MAIN EVENT TUXEDO is a modern, elegant, full service formalwear store that thrives on producing a look and fit that is truly the finest in the industry. We are small enough to give your event personal attention and a custom fit every time. Yet we are big enough to offer you all top designer tuxedos and accessories in the latest styles.

We rely on reputation and word of mouth for much of our business (see TESTIMONIALS). A hassle-free, enjoyable experience is what you’ll find, and it’s worth the trip. The owner and operator, Peter Russo, grew up in his father’s tailor shop and has been in the formalwear industry for over 15 years. His attention, service and commitment to the customer are unbeatable. Customers always leave wearing the appropriate tuxedo for their specific function. And when it all fits properly, the event is sure to be a success!


The best part of our service is the final fitting, which is done piece by piece so it all fits the customer perfectly. Since all work is done on the premises, any alterations will be conducted immediately while you wait! Our store includes many other services, all part of a “one price system.” The price is upfront and the same for everyone no matter what style, you choose.

Simple things such as studs and cufflinks to dress up a shirt, or suspenders to hold up your pants are important to complete a tuxedo. Because so many customers are repeaters or referred to us, it has always been important to have a consistent price. Since there is no additional charge for add-ons, everyone involved can concentrate on picking the right tuxedo for their specific type of event. Our salesmen are there to serve you, and everyone receives the same high quality service.

With custom tailors fitting you, current designer styles and all the right parts, you are sure to have a pleasant experience and return every time you have a “Main Event.” Please call the owner, Peter Russo, (781) 648-6800, at anytime and let him answer any questions you have. We are confident we will be your best option.

Owner Peter Russo

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