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Formal Tips

...From the owner.

…I want a convenient location, not a franchise or a chain. They have poor quality control because they use their inventory in so many different stores.

…I want a formalwear specialist. Preferably a custom shop with a custom tailor, and a wide selection of In-Stock Formalwear.

…I would walk out if the store looks dirty or the mannequins are not fit properly. A sure sign of poor management!

…I want options that are appropriate for my specific type of event presented to me by an expert. We’ve all seen them – someone let them pick those hideous outfits out! Please don’t let me look like a fool in the wrong outfit!

…I want to try things on as I pick them out. I could never order from a catalog!

…I expect a tuxedo rental to come with all necessary pieces. Never pay extra for shoes, vest, or accessories! I don't expect to pay extra for brakes on my rental car!















…I need to pick up my tuxedo a few days ahead of time. I’m sure I’ll be too busy the day of the event to be worrying about that!

…I want my tuxedo to fit me properly. Someone should be a tailor and know how to fit. Is this too much to ASK?

...I recommend all out of state customers use our measurement form!

…I wear suspenders always. No one ever sees them but they keep my pants up, my shirt down, and when your pants hang properly you look and feel like a million bucks!

…I never wear my coat until I get to the event. At least not in the car. Once I’m at an event, I never take my coat off!

…I am very careful with all buttons on vest, coat or shirt. Sometimes if I get them caught on table or bar they can rip or pop off.

…I would pin a safety pin or two inside one of my inside pockets for any emergencies at the event. Even it it’s not yours, you would be the hero!

…I would only wear thick black cotton socks with the rental shoe. This absorbs sweat and cushions the shoe so I can dance all night!

…Before I walk in a room I make sure my coat is on straight, my vest is centered, and my fly is up!



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